Current development.


Currently in development under codename VERz, mainly because a fixed title has yet to be decided for the game.
Prototyping was completed in January 2020, and during Feb and forward initial level design and building has begun.

The game was put on steam (hidden from sale, in the beginning of february), mainly for destribution to beta testing and gather user feedback before an actual launch.

Codename: VERz.

The game is designed only for VR, and isbeing tested on both oculus and htc models.
Gameplay is focused around puzzles and escape rooms.

Each level is one or more rooms with progressingly harder puzzles that needs to be solved
inorder to progress to the next level.

STEAM: Early access.

The game will be availible on early access via Steam during Q2. 2020.
While testers are allready testing the game now.