Evisystems game development.

7 April 2020

Project: VERz (development title)
Development: Evisystems.org
Publisher: MV-Teknik.dk

VERz is now availible on Steam Early Access with a EA Launch 25% discount.

LINK: Steam Early Access

16th March 2020

VERz (development title) in for review with Valve.


The game is a Virtual reality experience where the player will experience escape room styled levels. Each tier of levels will have a different theme and puzzles to solved.

As you progress through the tiers the difficulty will increase, where Tier 1, room 1 will be the most easy area to explore and complete.
There is currently 4 Tiers planned, each tier contains 3-5 levels and are themed in the specific tier.

The tiers
Tier 1 – Dungeon / middle ages (Current development)
Tier 2 – Victorian with a dash of steampunk (TBD)
Tier 3 – 1950-2000’s themed (TBD)
Tier 4 – Futuristic / Sci-fi themed (TBD)
Tier 5 – Well we just have to wait and see what happens at T5 (TBD)

There is a tutorial to get you familiar with some of the puzzles and concepts introduced, however not all types are included in the tutorial.